10 Ways to Spice Up Your Marketing Emails

Both email campaigns and newsletters are solid ways of turning prospects into loyal customers. However, how do we know that a person even opens their email to check out an offer? We need to make sure that we deliver our messages in fresh and exciting ways to avoid simply being thrown into someone's trash folder.

Try out these top 10 ways to spice up emails and improve your click-through rates to get more customers out of prospects.

1. Use Catchy Subject Lines

People tend to open their emails based on what they see in the subject line. So, as email marketers, we must put a high priority on making a good first impression to potential customers. Make sure that what they see first is something they want to learn more about.

Think of the subject line as a news headline, where a recipient can get an immediate glimpse of the email’s contents. Incorporate puns or emojis to catch people’s attention. Just be sure to maintain its relevance to the email, without using triggering words like “free” or “buy now.”

2. Limit Your Calls to Action

Since we want to avoid putting a call to action in our subject line (to avoid turning off potential customers), we must make intentions in our emails clear. So, having one CTA might be the best idea to stay on track with your single purpose.

Focusing on one idea for the entire email is the best way to turn prospects into customers since you stick to one message without straying into other conversations.

3. Use Animated Media

Boost your engagement by incorporating videos or GIFs into your email newsletters. Around 80% of people will watch a video over reading text on a page. Animated content just minimizes the effort to consume information, making it irresistible to anyone looking through their emails.

Any animated media incorporated into your emails makes them more exciting. Consider including a video of your actual product to appeal to the majority of people who would rather be watching something than reading text.

4. Improve Visual Appeal

Make your emails more visually appealing by incorporating clickable images for your hyperlinks.

Try buttons or icons to break the monotony of the standard email newsletter format. Anything that minimizes a prospect’s need to read is a good idea to spice up your emails.

5. Utilize Peer-To-Peer Recommendations

Build trust with prospects by using the relationships you have with existing customers. People trust other people’s opinions on products and services, so user-generated content from your customers may boost your engagement.

When people see reviews from real people, it creates trust between consumers and a brand. Personalities with established online presences may be a better option to increase credibility. Try incorporating reviews and social media posts into your newsletters.

6. Build Anticipation

If you have a new product or service rolling out, utilize a slow reveal technique with your email campaigns. This strategy involves hinting at your new resource over weeks to create excitement among potential customers.

Make eye-catching graphics and interesting video promotions to build up anticipation with your audience. Be sure to share only bits of information throughout the slow reveal and save the most important details of your new offer for the big day.

7. Use Colloquialisms

Reassess the intended audience for your product. If your product serves the general public, consider that people prefer more laid-back messages. Speaking the language of your audience does not take authority away from your brand. You are simply engaging with them.

Try playing with the tone and voice you use in your email newsletters. When prospects find that you are speaking their language, it lets them know that a real person is behind the message, building trust between yourselves.

8. Include Humor

Just as a joke can liven up a dull room, incorporating humor in your emails can make them less boring. Throw in a clever pun when phrasing your message to get readers engaged. Getting a smile or chuckle out of a prospect is enough to boost chances of turning them into a customer.

9. Use Memes

The internet pretty much runs on memes. People relate to them, and a new one pops up almost every week. Incorporating the most relevant memes in your emails lets people know that you are up to date.

Just as how humor and colloquialisms boost click-through rates, memes essentially combine these two strategies to appeal to current audiences.

10. Play With Different Layouts

Although you have a brand, sticking to a single layout for everything may turn off potential customers. Mix it up by using different layouts for announcements, product pages, or blogs. Incorporate design diversity in your email newsletters. Having different designs keeps people interested since you’re avoiding repetition.


Trust is a key element that you must build among customers to boost click-through rates. The goal is to make a huge impact with minimal effort. Make sure your message is succinct, just enough for a person to become interested in learning more.

Implement any or all of our above tips in your email marketing strategy to increase conversions and create more loyal customers to patronize your products and services.