Zapier Integration

Send your contacts & leads to Zapier

Zapier is one of the most useful tools for transporting your data around and with Orbitly, you are able to zap your contacts to a different app with Zapier! After you upload a list of contacts or sales/marketing leads, simply set up a Zapier Webhook app to zap your data to another app where you can perform additional actions on them. Below is a step-by-step guide on sending your data to Zapier.

1. Set up Webhook Zap on Zapier

The first step is to login to your Zapier account and create a new Zap. Search for the Webhooks by Zapier app to add as the first step in your Zap. Make sure you choose the Catch Hook option when choosing the Trigger Event.

2. Copy webhook URL from Zapier

Once you've chosen the app and selected the Catch Hook option, click the Copy button next to the Custom Webhook URL. This is the webhook URL that you will copy over to Orbitly so Orbitly can send your contacts over to Zapier.

3. Upload CSV to Orbitly

Now, it's time to upload your leads or contacts to Orbitly via a CSV file. Simply prepare a CSV with some minimum requirements, and choose the Bulk CSV enrich option and drag your CSV file into the upload box to get your contacts enriched. In a few moments, your list will be enriched with additional data like emails, phones, and social media profiles like magic!

4. View your enriched list

Next, you'll want to click the View details button below where your newly enriched CSV file is, where you will be able to see the list on the screen. If you keep scrolling right, you will see that your list of contacts or leads will now contain additional info like emails, phones, and social media profiles.

5. Paste webhook URL to Orbitly

On this same page where your newly enriched contacts are, there is a box that says Webhook URL. This is where you want to paste that Custom Webhook URL from above you copied over from Zapier.

6. Send test webhook

You can select just 1 of the contacts from your list and click the Send Webhook button to test sending a record over to Zapier. Go on over to Zapier to make sure that the webhook (i.e Hook A) was successfully sent. Once you confirm this, then Orbitly is now properly connected to Zapier!

7. Add additional steps to your Zap

The next step here is for your to add additional apps to Zapier that you may want to add to your Zap to further process your contacts. This is entirely up to you depending on what you want to do next with your newly enriched contacts! You may want to trigger it to send an email or perhaps upload it to your preferred CRM.

8. Send all enriched contacts to Zapier

Now that your Zap is properly set up, you can go back to Orbitly and select all your enriched contacts and click Send Webhook again to send all your contacts over to Zapier. That's it, you've now successfully connected Orbitly with Zapier!