Find additional info on your contacts

Look up a single record or upload a list of contacts or sales leads to find additional information like social media profile, email, phone or even location.

Reverse look up a single record with an email, phone number, or social profile

Need to look up one person's record? It's easy to do that with Orbitly.

Simply enter a person's email, phone number, or social media profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, or AngelList URL) and Orbitly will return all the available other info you may need.

This is particularly helpful if you want to find an alternative way to get in touch with someone.

Upload a CSV, enrich many records at once

You can upload a spreadsheet of social media profiles, like LinkedIn URLs or Twitter URLs, and Orbitly will automatically populate your spreadsheet with emails or phone numbers or even location info if they are available.

Alternatively, you can upload a list of just names and company names to get other info like emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

You may find it helpful to see how best to format your CSV and see what data you can upload to get back fully enriched data on your contacts.

After you've done this, you can even send all your newly enriched data to Zapier to perform additional actions on your contacts or leads!

Enrich your data via API

With Orbitly's API, you can programmatically enrich data. This is especially useful if you have engineers to plug your data right into Orbitly to get additional data on contacts, users, or leads. With the API, you can put the tedious task of processing large amounts of contact data on autopilot. Check here to see our API docs.

Reverse lookup a contact's info using...

Start finding emails and social profiles today

As long as you have some info like an LinkedIn profile or a Facebook profile or even name and location, you can find other info to enrich the data for your sales leads, marketing leads, or contact lists. Your first lookup is free.

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