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Orbitly is used by 10,000+ professionals and chosen by the world's top companies.

Questions you might have

Orbitly completes missing contact details so you can reach anyone on any platform.

I just want to use Orbitly once to enrich and export data. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Buy as many lead enrichment credits as you need, when you need it. Simply upload your contact list and Orbitly instantly enrich emails, social profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, and names.

Will my plan automatically renew each month?

Nope. Orbitly is a pay as you go platform, simply purchase enrichment credits when you need it. We'll never lock you into a monthly subscription.

What is a lead enrichment credit?

Lead enrichment credits are used to find or enrich email addresses, available social profiles like LinkedIn profile urls, Twitter handles, and Facebook profiles, and company data like role, domain, and employee count per lead record.

Will my unused credits roll over?

Yes, of course! Your credits are yours to keep forever and never expire.

Can I share my subscription with my team?

Yes, absolutely. You are free to share your credits with as many team members as you want. All the members will share the same credit pool.

If a request returns no result, does it count?

If we are unable to process a lead enrichment request or return any records, the request is not counted.

Where does Orbitly get its data?

We pull our data from publicly available sources. We've also partnered with several data vendors to bring you freshest, most up-to-date data that helps validate contact details making Orbitly one of the most accurate resources on the web for sales teams.

Can I cancel or close my account?

Yes. You can cancel or close your account whenever you want, but keep in mind that you will lose any unused credits.

Turn records into full contact details

Append fresh social and company data to emails, so you can reach the people that matter most for your business.

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