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Questions you might have

Orbitly completes missing contact details so you can reach anyone on any platform.

What is lead enrichment?

Lead enrichment is the strategic improvement of lead records delivering actionable business intelligence about target accounts. It’s a process that can either take place in tandem with lead generation or be a retroactive improvement of a CRM or marketing database.

What is Orbitly?

Orbitly is a data provider gathers information about people and companies. It helps you find B2B data like employee email addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles, to include LinkedIn profile urls, Facebook profiles, and Twitter handles.

Where does Orbitly get its data?

Orbitly gathers lead data from various publicly available sources and data vendors to deliver up-to-date data, including emails addresses, phone numbers, and social profiles.

What fields does Orbitly use to find people and company data?

Orbitly uses a combination of data points, like a LinkedIn profile or any social profile, email, phone number, or name and company, to find and fill in missing data on lead records. More data fields means higher probability of finding a matching profile and increased accuracy.

What B2B data can Orbitly return?

Orbitly takes user provided data points, i.e. an email, phone number, or LinkedIn or other social profile, to find missing data, such as work and personal email addresses, phone numbers, social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Gravatar, Github, and Angel List), and company data, including company name, domain, employee count, industry, job title, and location.

Can Orbitly return data from a LinkedIn or Twitter handle?

Yes. Orbitly can find emails, phone numbers, and other social profiles, like Facebook, Github, and Angel List, from a LinkedIn profile profile or Twitter handle.

Can Orbitly return data from just a name and company?

Absolutely. Orbitly can return emails, phone numbers, social profiles, and company information like address, industry, and employee count from just a name and company.

Does Orbitly return personal emails?

While we do return data for personal emails, Orbitly is focused on B2B data making coverage for corporate emails significantly higher. Generally, you can expect the best matches with personal emails to be with addresses. If we are able to make a connection between a personal email address and that individual's place of employment, we will also be able to return company data.

What is a lead enrichment credit?

Lead enrichment credits are used to find or enrich email addresses, available social profiles like LinkedIn profile urls, Twitter handles, and Facebook profiles, and company data like role, domain, and employee count per lead record.

If a request returns no result, does it count?

If we are unable to process a lead enrichment request or return any records, the request is not counted.

I just want to use Orbitly once to enrich and export data. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Buy as many lead enrichment credits as you need, when you need it. Simply upload your contact list and Orbitly instantly enrich emails, social profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, and names.

Will my plan automatically renew each month?

Nope. Orbitly is a pay as you go platform, simply purchase enrichment credits when you need it. We'll never lock you into a monthly subscription.