Essential Sales Tools for 2021

Have the times been tough with your digital marketing? Has tracking online traffic been an obstacle? Maybe, the line between B2B and B2C is growing less defined with increasing transactions? These concerns, among other things, have plagued our efforts as marketers.Worse yet, 2021 has not exactly been playing ball.

We know the benefits of using the right tool for the right task. Sales tools are available to those of us looking to make profits, generate leads, and identify the right metrics.

Read on if you want to learn more about the best sales tools for 2021. We guarantee that with these online tools, your online business can survive and thrive in the uncertainties of 2021.

Customer Relations Management Software

Customer relations management software (or CRM software) is a must in any marketer’s toolkit.

CRM software allows us to keep track of how our customers behave on our online platforms.CRM gives us access to consumer behavior patterns. We can also track which parts of our site experience the highest traffic and bounce rates.

The real benefit of CRM software, though, is how the data allows us to optimize. In particular,we can tweak certain parts of our advertising campaigns based on what we find out about our:

-Site Engagement

-Bounce Rate

-Dwell times

-Customer Feedback

Currently, here are some of our top CRM software picks:






Sales Intelligence

Market research forms the backbone of any marketing strategy plan. For this, we turn to sales intelligence software.

Sales intelligence software complements CRM by factoring in market competitors. The software can provide us insight into what practices our competitors are resorting to. Some even reveal statistics on whether such practices convert or not.

For what sales intelligence software does, it’s great to have alongside CRM. There’s a multitude on the market, but we’d go with these:




Zoom Info

Sales Acceleration

As the term implies, sales acceleration tools can help facilitate sales in a way that CRM and sales intelligence cannot.

Sales acceleration tools help with conversion. That is, we can identify our leads without resorting to non-targeted marketing that wastes valuable time and resources. Through sales acceleration tools, we can discover who our leads are and market to them specifically.

Doing this with the aid of sales acceleration helps shorten the gap between marketing and conversion. This, in turn, engenders higher rates of sales. And, that is what we’re after, at the end of the day.

Here are our picks for sales acceleration tools for 2021

Here are our picks for sales acceleration tools for 2021:




Persist IQ

Tracking and Analytics

Our marketing efforts should involve designing the best customer experience. Of course, by "best", we mean what gets customers to engage and click the "add to cart" button. With tracking and analytics tools, we get access to data points that include

- Customer traffic


-Design features that create the most interaction and conversions

-Rates of purchase per item or service

Tracking Analytics software such as :





can establish connections between these data points and others. These connections allow us to optimize and design to maximize our chances of lead conversions.

Video Conferencing and Chat

At the end of the day, digital marketing and running a business are not complete without interaction.

Video conferencing and chat tools or software allow our customers to get in touch with us. These tools can guarantee access to us, and this is key due to the many restrictions today.

Video conferencing comes in handy not only for customer interactions but also when managing teams in real-time. Chat tools have come into vogue especially for on-the-go interactions and correspondence.

Due to the movement restrictions brought by COVID-19, Zoom has enjoyed popularity amongst remote teams. Other video conferencing and chat tools include:




Microsoft Teams

Calendar Scheduling Tools

Managing a business is synonymous with managing one’s schedule. We as marketers know this to be true. Traditionally, we have relied on certain members of staff to schedule your meetings and plot our to-do lists.

Nowadays, like anything, these tasks have online alternatives. More efficient ones, at that.Online calendar scheduling tools streamline our appointments and to-do lists in a way a PAcannot.

Free options like Google Calendar have been at the forefront of this development. Of course,our choices go beyond Google and include:





Indeed, these tools may be limited in addressing at-the-moment chat and customer service needs. But, for bigger engagements like conferences, meetings, and deadlines, these easily get the job done.

Document and E-Signature Tools:

The pandemic has not done face-to-face interactions any favors. This development can make simple document delivery and signature acquisition nightmares in themselves.

In 2021, the world is slowly gravitating towards the paperless and the contact-less. As a result, we need a way to exchange documents and signatures electronically. And, this is where document and e-signature tools come in handy

Document tools allow us to send and receive documents or invoices. These tools also ensure that the contents remain unadulterated. For signatures, there are e-signaturestools that allow users to sign documents and send them as they are received.

E-signature tools have made correspondences more time-efficient, removing the need to physically chase after signatures.

For us, these tools do the trick:



Account-Based Marketing Tools

Take the traffic-measuring capacity of sales intelligence. Add CRM's organic traffic measurements. Finally, put in a dash of sales acceleration's targeted marketing ability. What do you get?

You get a tool that optimizes your marketing down to the individual customer. Account-based marketing tools do everything from analyzing customer behavior to customer engagement.

These tools make it possible for customers to have online accounts with your business. Through these accounts you can optimize marketing and services to fit the tastes and trends of the end use. The user accounts also become data points from which your software can make predictions with account based marketing tools like Nudge at your disposal, you can marketing efficiently to the right client.

For the longest time, we have used the following:


6 Sense


Marketing Automation Tools

At times, the need for efficiency requires us to automate certain tasks. In particular, tasks like ad posting, emailing, SEM, and lead nurturing can be very repetitive. These tasks can also take up a lot of time.

Marketing automation tools can perform the most routinary marketing tasks. These also integrate perfectly with CRM and sales intelligence tools to identify leads and market accordingly

So, with other tools like CRM, sales intelligence, and sales acceleration, you can expect no“scattershot” marketing tactics. Everything may be automated, but you are still targeting the right clientele.

We suggest you try out the following:





Scale Your Business and Maximize Your Workflow in 2021!

The tools we included in this blog not only aid you in your efficiency but in doing just that, these tools can also help you scale your business and generate profitable leads.

The tools also have different functions. So, always have more than one of these for maximum results. Add these to your toolbox, and watch your online business grow to new heights even in 2021!