5 Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Do you have a website? Chances are that you expect people to visit that page and to get exposure for your business. After all, the ultimate goal with a website is to get leads and make sure that you convert them into paying customers. You need to have a strong strategy for how you’ll turn your website visitors into actual customers. The process known as conversion in the business world is where you’re coming up with a strategy that will work to convert prospects that come to your website into actual paying customers. It’s hard to know at first how you can convince first-time visitors who land on your page to purchase a service or product. 

This is where you must be truly nurturing the customer journey and making sure that you’re putting the effort needed into the process to make your potential customers trust you. Attracting people to your website is just the start, actually getting them to choose your company and boost sales is where the work begins. Converting your customers should be a top priority for any company and should be something that you’re putting time and resources into. 

With a competitive industry and the internet full of businesses trying to gain traction on their website, you need to stand out and make sure that you’re the best in your industry. You need to make a great first impression, make sure that you look like an expert and that potential customers trust you. However, this is often easier said than done which is why we want to offer these five ways to convert website visitors into customers! 

Keep Things Simple 

One of the biggest mistakes that people typically make when they’re first creating their website is that they try to fill it with as much information as possible. They flood their website with information about their team, what they have to offer, and pricing options. Although this is all necessary to include on your website, you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with too much information. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your visitors is to simplify your website and make sure that your website is easy for your visitors to navigate. 

Think of it as that when people visit your website they should be able to glance at it like a billboard and find everything that they need to know. You want visitors to instantly be able to find any information that they need and it’s important that you think about the language that you use on your website. Look at other competitive websites in your industry and stick with using simple words that all visitors can understand. Don’t follow any trends where you use cute or unique names for things, make it basic so that everyone can understand exactly what you’re offering.  

What Makes You Different 

A critical part of your business is knowing what makes you different and what your selling point is. You need to make sure that you could easily describe your business and what makes you different within a few short minutes of talking to someone and, hopefully, convince them to choose your business. Although this is excellent to know for when you sit down and talk with someone in person, it’s equally important to make sure that you know how to sell your business online. The key here is to get your selling point down to just a short message that you can share with people instead of making it lengthy. 

You want to keep things to a minimum and make sure that you can sum it up easily and that visitors don’t get bored within the first few minutes of checking out your page. Be quick to jump to the point and make sure that visitors can know at a glance and without having to read through your entire website exactly what you offer. It’s also important that your selling point is glaringly obvious in all aspects of your website, whether it be in your product descriptions, ‘About Us Page’, or your homepage content. You need to make sure that it’s reinforced everywhere that visitor looks on your website. 

Focus On Your Website Appearance 

This may seem obvious, but if your website design is anything but stellar you’ve already lost customers before they’ve even gotten to explore what you have to offer. Your website is going to be people’s first impression of your business and you want to make sure it’s flawless and going to make them want to stay. When you’re thinking about your budget for your business and where the resources will go, make sure that focus on design and copy for your website. Remember that how it appears and how your website presents what you have to offer will make the biggest difference in whether or not they stay on your website. 

Usually, with online businesses, the motto that less is more is what you want to stick with. Depending on what your industry is, you need to customize your website for your audience and make sure that it’ll appeal to them. If you haven’t already researched your audience, make sure that you get started to figure out what will grab their attention and optimize your website for your audience. Start with putting thought into how your website looks and the first impression that it’ll make on visitors when they see it. 

Use Live Chat 

The key to converting your visitors into customers is to not only catch their attention but also start getting them hooked by talking with them. You want them to engage with your website as much as possible and you want them to be interested in what you have to offer. If you can manage to engage with visitors then you’re already well on your way to increasing conversions for your website. One of the best ways that you can start engaging with them is by making sure that you offer a variety of resources for them to use. 

You want it to be easy for customers to engage with you and to ask questions or chat. One of the best ways that visitors can converse with you and a popular one these days is live chat. By opting to include this as an option for your website you’d be surprised how many more people feel comfortable reaching out and engaging over chat. By offering live chat, you’re providing instant customer service to your visitors and allowing them to get whatever they need. 

Show Social Proof 

There’s no denying that you’re more apt to buy a product or use a service if you know that someone else has had good results with it. When it comes to your website, you want people to make sure they know that your company is safe and that they can trust you. Social proof includes testimonials, a form of marketing that has been being used for as long as time. Remember that people are easily influenced by others and their thoughts and opinions. If someone shares that they like what you have to offer, chances are that website visitors will feel more comfortable choosing your company. 

Chances are that we’ve all taken a look at Google reviews before we’ve chosen a specific product or service to use. If for no other reason, it helps put our minds at ease that the company is legit and reliable. It’s especially common when you’re traveling and are unfamiliar with the location and you want to make sure that the companies are trustworthy. Remember that when visitors first stumble across your website they have no idea if they can truly trust you or not, so you want to make sure to include social proof on your website to show visitors that you’re trustworthy and others have used your company.