5 Ways to Increase WebsiteTraffic with Email

Picture this: you’ve just established a new website. Maybe you’re a brand-new business trying to get your foot in the door or a health-food blog trying to promote alternative lifestyles. But there’s one problem: you’re having difficulty driving traffic on your website. You may be unsure, or maybe you received some bad advice and now regret it. In that case, you might start looking at tips for maximizing traffic to your website through email. Everyone has one, and it’s easy to build an audience. But how do you make an email list, to begin with, and what are some practical tips for increasing your website traffic using it?

Before we get into the five ways you can boost your email traffic, we first have to discuss how to create a mailing list. Most email providers have built-in functions to create a mailing list.Still, you’ll want to find emails to populate your audience with so you can promote your website to them. Luckily, there’s a way to discreetly gain online access to people’s social media accounts. Orbitly has a function that allows you to find the email attached to a social profile. As a result, you can quickly get thousands of emails from your social media followers and boost traffic to your website. First, you must go to https://www.orbitly.io/ and type in a phone number, email, or social profile. From there, Orbitly will find all the linked contact information so you can quickly and easily find the emails to add to your mailing list.  

So, you’ve got a healthy dose of emails and a growing mailing list. But how do you increase traffic through your mailing list to your website?  

1.   Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

People are on their phones more than their computers, which is observable. According to Digital Hill, “...nearly all handheld devices have in-built email applications that deliver messages to users. If most of those in your mailing list can access and read emails from their devices with ease, you can be certain of increasing orders and traffic”(Gingerich, n.d.). Accessibility is vital if you’re trying to reach a large audience, which is why this is important to keep in mind.

2.   Keep Building Your Email List

This may come as a surprise, but email lists degrade over time. According to Ariel Lim Consulting, “people change jobs and with that change, their email addresses. Your content might become irrelevant to them for no fault of your own...make sure that you continuously generate new leads” (Lim, 2020). Your email list must be thriving and healthy, and you can accomplish many ways. Searching for new emails to add to your list through Orbitly is a great start, which is why we recommend maintaining an email list.

3.   Monitor Your Website Analytics

As with any health-related endeavor, you want to ensure that your website metrics are going healthy and strong. Pinpointe suggests that “you should keep a close eye on your email marketing metrics. If your click-through rates are not at par with your expectations, you should work on creating better email copy and consider changing the placement, design or copy of the call-to-action button(s)” (Branham, 2018). Poor traffic may result from not crafting engaging enough emails, so ensuring that you’re drawing people in with every sentence is crucial. That way, your web traffic will increase, and you’ll have a thriving online community.

4.   Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is a massive part of online marketing. You can use it to your advantage to create the optimal mailing list. Constant Contact suggests that you should “look for ways to use social media to increase the reach of your emails” and adds that “you can easily schedule social posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn right from your account” (Paquet, 2022). In addition, automatic cross-posting widens your audience and increases the chances that people will sign up for emails.  

5.   Write Personalized Emails

Customer loyalty is one of the prime rules of driving traffic to your website. With this in mind, customers feel you care when you make personalized emails just for them. Rather than opening with an impersonal greeting, such as “To Whom It May Concern,” you can open with a friendly, informal greeting like “Hello, Samantha!” or something similar.Search Engine Journal further comments that “...personalized emails have better open rates and click-throughs – and that’s just when they use the recipient’s name” (Csutoras, 2022). This makes it extremely important to write personalized, kind, and easy-to-read emails for those on your mailing list.  

Email is one of the most important modes of generating online traffic. You can begin your mailing list quickly with Orbitly. Moreover, there are many practical tips for improving your traffic through mailing lists, including email copy, mobile optimization, keeping your list healthy, and much more. If you’re interested in getting started, don’t forget that you can find email addresses with Orbitly! Just goto https://www.orbitly.io/ and start searching, and you’ll find that mailing lists are one of the best forms of online marketing today.