7 Tips for Personalizing Email Design

There are countless demands for the modern consumer’s attention. We’re inundated with new information and products every day, so it’s important to create personalized content that draws customers (and potential customers) into your brand. Let’s be honest, email in boxes can be a graveyard for marketing emails, and the competition is fierce!Personalizing your email design is a logical (and lucrative!) place to start.

Utilizing the information and data you’ve collected (Orbitly is a great tool forgathering the data you need!) about consumers to target email content can be a game changer for your business if done well. Individual recipients have different needs, and when you tailor the content you share specifically to them the results can be astounding.

Studies show that emails with personalized subject lines increase open rates by up to 26%, click through rates by 14%, and revenue can be up to 5.7 times higher in personalized emails.With these potential results in mind, these 7 tips will equip you to achieve higher open rates, increased click rates, and ultimately greater conversion.

#1: Let Your Email Subscription Form Work ForYou

If you spend time on the front end to create a thoughtful subscription process you can save hours of work, and gather pertinent information that will aid in the email personalization process in one fell swoop.

You don’t want to overwhelm consumers and dissuade them from filling out your form, but gathering some succinct baseline info about their needs is incredibly helpful! Prompting the subscriber to click a few boxes to let you know what services they’re most interested in, what their budget is, or the frequency and types of emails they’re comfortable receiving can ensure that you’ll be engaging thoughtfully and effectively from the get-go.

#2: Survey Says

Sparingly using surveys to gather information from email subscribers can be a powerful tool for better targeted and personalized email content. Ultimately, you want to send out emails that consistently entice recipients to engage with them, and a brief survey sent at a strategic time, aspart of your welcome email series for example, can lead to excellent engagement.

#3: Names

According to master businessman Dale Carnegie, “a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Take advantage of this power and use email subscriber names in subject lines and email introductions! Connecting on a personal level and making your brand feel more human and less automated is key.

Addressing recipients by their name is a common and easy to use function in most email marketing platforms. Just make sure you use a fallback value! While hearing your own name has an almost magically positive quality, being called the wrong name can be disastrous.

#4: Timing Is Everything

You wouldn’t call a potential customer at midnight or 5 in the morning, right? Why send emails at those times, then? Personalizing inbox arrival times can increase your open rates. You don’t want emails getting lost in the shuffle. Considering recipients' time zones is an important strategy.

#5: Be Dynamic!Be, Be Dynamic!

Dynamic content function sallow you to personalize blocks of your email. This can be especially helpful if you deal with customers from around the country, or even the world! You want to make sure that recipients are receiving content relevant to where they are and brand engagement opportunities in their area, not announcements for an event 500 miles away, for example.

Make sure that your email marketing platform features dynamic content tools, and make them work for you.Take it a step further and include links to personalized landing pages when applicable!

#6: Integrate

Integrating your email plat form with any CRM tools and other data sources you use can make a huge difference! Take advantage of the data you’ve been collecting in different facets of your business, and use it to better personalize your email design output. Creating email content based on demographics and shopping habits is an amazing way to increase engagement.

#7 Automation Is Your Friend!

If you find the right email marketing platform for your business, email automation can be a breeze. It can effectively engage customers based on the actions THEY take on your website.Sending the right emails to the right people at the right time sounds like at all order, but if you use automation tools to your advantage you can do just that with little time and effort. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Let’s Wrap It Up

Personalized email design allows for highly targeted and relevant email content, which ultimately encourages engagement! We hope these tips, tools and strategies help your business’s email strategy improve, and know that our team here at Orbitly has your back. Having the right data is the key element to reaching customers in a meaningful, effective, and lucrative way, and that’s what we’re here for.