Email Isn’t Dead: The Biggest Benefits of Using Email Marketing

There have been rumors in recent years that email is dead.However, the truth is, email marketing is still growing (and thriving) as amain means of communication and outreach for large and small businesses. Withmost people relying more on the internet today, than ever before, businessesmust meet them where they are most receptive.

Creating a permission-based email list that’s filled withcustomers and prospects is an effective marketing strategy that – when usedproperly – can yield amazing results. Some of the specific benefits offered bycreating an email list and using email marketing for your business can be foundhere.

Instant Communication

When you use an email list to speak with your customers andprospects, you hve a source of immediate communication. If you were to useother means of marketing and advertising, it may take days – or longer – toreach the intended audience. In some cases, those intended to receive themessage will never hear or see it. On the other hand, email is delivered instantly,which means your message is going to be read as soon as it’s received.

Higher ROI

Email marketing has an extremelyhigh ROI – return on investment. Recent studies have proven that emailmarketing offers a much higher ROI than telemarketing, direct mail, and anarray of other outreach strategies. While many other marketing efforts arebeing reduced or curtailed by businesses, the spending on email marketingefforts is growing.

Converting New Prospects

Email lists can be an effective way to convert yourprospects. Not everyone is ready to buy the first time they visit the website.When you are able to stay at the forefront of your customer’s mind by providinghelpful and engaging email newsletters and by reminding them of the servicesyou offer with promotionalmessages and emails, you can easily convert many of your prospects in thefuture.

Get to Know Your Audience

By staying in touch with your audience using your emaillist, you will receive a better understanding of what they are interested inand what they respond to. When you compare the effectiveness of variouscampaigns and you receive direct feedback from the people on your list, you cantailor your efforts to better match the desires and needs of your market.

Spread the Word About What You Offer

When you develop a permission-based email list, you willacquire the benefit of spreading the word about your deals, promotions,releases, and sales. Also, you allow your supporters to spread the word aboutwhat you offer by forwarding the messages you send, which will increase thescope of your marketing efforts beyond the email list you have created.

If you are still in the process of creating your emailmarketing list, consider using the help of the pros.They can help you use best practices to develop a list that will help you getthe results that you want without targeting people who aren’t interested inwhat you offer.