Enriching CRM records with emails, social profiles, and more

If you've thought about lead generation and lead nurturing in any significant capacity, you know that modern businesses run on information.

For example, look at the sales funnel and how it works – it's most often based on points of contact that are in turn founded on having key pieces of information, from names and phone numbers to email addresses, social profiles, and other identifiers.

When you get into the details of how this works, you see that data is important. 

When you're running an email marketing campaign or sending cold emails to prospects, it's extremely important to have a consistent list of verified email addresses. But how do you get that consistent information from sporadically tabulated database tables?

Orbitly helps companies up their sales and marketing game with consistent, formatted data on prospective customers and target audiences.

Using the best modern search methods, Orbitly compiles full dossiers of individual contacts based on the input provided by users – for instance, we can use a LinkedIn profile url to generate email address, phone numbers, and other social profiles, like Twitter and Facebook, and company specific data, like the person's title and role, company size, and industry.

Why is this important?

If you've heard of customer relationship management, you already know the basic premise. A CRM is a modern innovation in business that helps companies perform work an agile manner that increases profits and boosts productivity.

Some people talk about CRM as ‘helping to put a face to a name’ – essentially, CRMs allow companies to hold contact information, company data, and history of communication on existing customers or potential customers, where marketers and salespeople can quickly look up and find key information on key accounts at a glance.

Business professionals often talk about the power of refined data, versus the chaos of role data. Raw or unfiltered data comes in many different formats and conditions – when key contact information like name, email, phone numbers, and social profiles are missing from CRM records, it makes it difficult for businesses or sales teams to successfully reach and connect with prospects and/ or customers.

We all know the importance of communication in relationship building, which at the core is the fundamentals of sales and marketing.

To bridge the information gap, we've developed a tool that can take any piece of data, whether it's a name and company, email, LinkedIn profile, or any social profile, take that data and generate all the missing data needed to paint a complete and refined full contact profile enabling sales teams and businesses to drive more pipeline and growth.

Here's what Orbitly can do for your lead records:

  • Find emails, work and personal, by name and company and social profiles, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Angel List profile urls
  • Find LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social profiles by email or phone number – social media profiles are becoming more important with the rise of social selling
  • Find phone numbers by email and social profiles
  • Generate important company information like domain, industry and employee count (key for segmentation)

After enriching CRM records, now what?

Once you have all the contact data you need to get in touch with prospects, what do you do? In the past, all you could really do was send out cold emails, make cold calls, or add contacts to a email marketing campaign, but times are changing and with the rise of social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook there so much more you can do to take your sales beyond just cold calls and emails.

  • Use Facebook profiles to create a custom, lookalike audience for retargeting
  • Use LinkedIn profile urls to automate soft touches like profile visits, connect requests, and drip messages
  • Follow, like, retweet tweets from potential customers – start building those relationships with non-disruptive engagements

Here's a link to essential sales tools you might find useful in your everyday interaction through email and beyond with prospects and customers.