How to Obtain Business Clients Using Social Media

If you think you can easily grow your business without having to lean into social media, think again. There are over 4 billion people active on social media, and every year the number is growing. Most people spend nearly three hours on social media every day. That means, most of the people you’re looking for to become your business clients, are likely on social media.


If you know many of the people you’re looking for are on social media, you can’t wait for them to come to you, you have to goto them. After all, 43% of all social media users have purchased a product after sharing it on social media. Social media is the perfect place to build your brand, and this article will share four tips on how to get business clients using social media.

1. Begin With a Plan

Every successful business knows marketing has to be planned. Growing your business through social media is part of that marketing plan. So, don’t just start a social media account on any platform, but open an account based on where your potential clients are. Whether that’sFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., let your customer persona direct that decision. Try to have at least two active social media accounts for your business.


Once you’ve identified the best social media platforms to find clients, plan your social media strategy. That involves knowing which type of content (copy, images, videos) to post and when to post it. Don’t just post something on a whim whenever you feel like it, but research to know the best times to post and strategize the content you will be posting to your audience. Use a social media calendar to help with this.

2. Post and Engage Regularly

Now that your social media calendar is set, implement it. Post regularly, meaning at least once a day; more if possible.But don’t just post and disappear. Be available to engage with your audience.There may be comments, likes, and shares and you want to acknowledge every one of them. Respond to any and all comments, regardless of how minor they are. Let your potential clients know you see them and are attentive.

3. Tag Others

It may be strategic to tag others in your posts. If you’re mentioning another person or another business on social media, tag them in the post. Not only can this be the first step in fostering new relationships but when you tag them, now you have their friends and audience also paying attention to your posts, which can help build your potential client list.

4. Analyze Your Activity

Metrics are important to any marketing strategy, including social media. Track your posts and the level of engagement on each one. Determine which types of posts are working for you and which are not. This will help you to know which platforms are driving the most traffic and what types of posts you want to either continue or stop, to help improve the overall traffic to your site.