Increase your app success rate by following these trends

Do you have an app for your business? You should! However, just creating a standard, bare-bones app isn’t going to be enough to really increase traffic and engagement for your brand.Gone are the days when apps were so new and shiny that even mediocre ones could get people to download. Now, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with the latest app trends. That way, they can strategically tweak their platform until it is perfect for pulling customers in: and keeping them for the long run.


Here are a few modern app trends you should have your eye on. Get a leg up on your competition by implementing them in your very own app.


1)  Mobile Commerce 

As global mobile retail sales continue to grow, the need to include mobile payment options in your app is more prevalent than ever. Your customers might find your business through the internet or social media and want to make a quick purchase that doesn’t involve making the trek to a brick-and-mortar establishment. Make sure you are ready to receive their business with a well-designed mobile app.


On the same token, mobile wallets are getting very popular. It is common for apps to implement a feature that allows users to securely store credit card information right on their phones. This allows people to make repeated purchases in-app without having to go through the hassle of entering their card details every single time. If you’ve ever abandoned an online shopping cart because you didn’t have your payment information right next to you to enter in, you know how effective and time-saving mobile wallets can be.


The bottom line:it’s always a good idea to make spending money as easy, fast, and convenient as possible for your customers.


2)  Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

With AI and machine learning, you can collect, analyze, and interpret huge amounts of customer behavioral data in the blink of an eye. By seeing the ways your customers are using your app, you can make tweaks to improve their experience.


AI can improve the security of your app as well. It can allow for user authentication that defends against cyber criminals or hackers. Plus, with artificial intelligence, you can utilize facial recognition technology to help your clients sign in to their accounts securely.


The bottom line:implementing AI into your app’s interface can make it feel more interactive and“alive”, and the data your AI can collect will help you make more informed decisions.


3)  Chatbots

If you’ve ever visited a website or app and immediately been greeted by a friendly message box asking if you need any help, you are probably familiar with the rising popularity of chatbots. This helpful AI customer support tech remains available on your app 24/7 and simulates human conversation to accomplish two main tasks:


First, chatbots can answer questions your customers might have and direct them towards making a conversion. Since they can handle tons of traffic without the need for you to pay real employees, you greatly reduce the amount of client problems that you need a real human to address.


Second, chatbots can extract a wealth of information from your app visitors and use that intel to decide if they are a qualified lead.


The bottom line: a good chatbot makes your customers feel supported throughout their journey on your app and is mutually beneficial for both you and your users.


4)  Beacon technology

This trending tech uses aBluetooth gadget to interact with other devices also using Bluetooth. As a result, businesses can target consumers based on their physical locations. The most common use of this innovation is called closeness advertising. This could look like drawing customers in with notifications of sales at retail stores that they are currently walking near.


However, businesses can also use this tech to feed visitors information as they move around their establishments, creating an interactive experience. You can even track in-store buying behavior with clever methods like tracking when a certain aisle of your store gets the most foot traffic.


The bottom line: in a world more connected than ever, you can reach your clients right where they’re at, in the moments that matter the most, right on their mobile phones.


The Takeaway

In 2022, more people than ever before are using mobile devices as their primary form of internet access.Therefore, you should be investing just as much budget, time, and strategy into your app as you do your business website. With the seemingly infinite choices available on app stores, what is going to make your app the option that customers want to download and not delete?


If you can keep your app relevant by following the trends closely, you can create an engaging user experience that keeps customers happy with your app. When your clients see your app on their phone every single day, they will be reminded to interact with your brand more, and that is something every business owner wants.