Learn to connect with prospect users through emails and reviews

Finding and connecting with prospects is an essential part of any business. While there are many ways to do so, the most effective ones are by utilizing emails and reviews. Through emails and reviews, you can reach your target market, regularly present your business to them, and eventually encourage them to say yes to becoming your customer.


Using email marketing and reviews to increase your conversions takes time, strategy, and intention. While it can be a bit confusing at first, there are a handful of tips that can help you understand the why and the how behind using emails and reviews to connect with your prospects.  

What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is the practice of using email to gain prospects, connect with leads, and build your body of customers. It is done through the sending of consistent, relevant emails that frequently bring your business to the mind of your audience, encouraging them to take action.


Through email marketing, you have the ability to regularly reach people that would other wise be difficult to reach. It’s said that before someone commits to making a purchase, they need to be re-introduced or reminded of a business/product at least seven times. Email gives you the unique opportunity to provide that reminder to people in a simple and relevant way.

Emails and Reviews


When engaging in email marketing, it’s important to know your target market in order to provide them with the highest quality and most relevant emails. One way you can do that is by searching for people who have left online reviews. By searching the email address of reviewers on Orbitly.io, you can discover how to connect with people that seem to be a potential lead.


Before connecting with reviewers, you will want to ensure that you know your target market. Look for people who leave positive reviews and comments that align with your business and the market you’re trying to reach.


Your warm prospects will be people who fit your intended demographic. By connecting with them over email and sending them relevant, expert content, you are helping to ensure your business is gaining leads and potential conversions.


Many people use social media and Pay-Per-Click ads as a way to discover and reach prospects. Yet, these same people often don’t understand the power of using reviews for the same purpose.


From reviews, you can identify people who seem to be part of your target market.After looking up their email address, you can learn more about them and connect with those who appear to be prospective clients. The more intentional you are with the people you pursue as leads, the more likely you are to gain new customers.

Connecting with Prospects Through Email


Once you have discovered prospective clients through reviews or other means, you can use email to connect, engage, and showcase your business’ value. Regular, relevant emails give you the ability to consistently reach your prospects in order to lead them to conversion.


In order to utilize the most effective email marketing strategy, you will want to keep growing your list of prospects. Use Orbitly.io to find consumers who have left reviews and seemingly align with your business. You can also create and distribute marketing offers to your email list and to social media.


As you build your list of prospects, you will want to make sure that you are regularly providing them with valuable content that shows why they should become your customer. Segment your list by creating divisions of prospects based on certain personal, defining elements. Once your list is segmented, you will be able to only send relevant emails to certain people, ensuring that they hit their target.


Add links to your emails to encourage recipients to follow and take your call to action. Email traffic to your website is important and should never be overlooked, as it is the foundation for people to actually become your client.


Make sure there are a variety of working links in your email that will lead your prospects to your website. Your overall goal is conversion, which tends to happen after repeated reminders and a visit to the website. The more effective your email strategy, the faster you will gain customers.

In Conclusion


Building a list of potential clients, otherwise known as prospects, is an essential part of building any business. This list gives you a starting point when it comes to sharing content and other marketing tactics.


Email are an important tool for connecting with prospects because it offers a simple and effective way to regularly reach and connect with people. There are many ways to find these prospects, however, reviews are a stealth, yet valuable way to do so. By utilizing both reviews and emails, you are making it easy to find and connect with your potential customers.