The Importance of Email Personalization

Many of our clients forget how important email personalization is. If you’re still not using email personalization strategies for your business, it’s time to change your approach. Here’s why: 88% of marketers report that personalization strategies substantially impact engagement and return on investment (ROI). They can generate leads, increase conversion rates, and boost sales. 

Read on to learn more about personalization — the benefits, examples, and email tactics you can use for your business.  

The Benefits of Email Personalization

Businesses have been using email campaigns for decades, but techniques have drastically changed through the years. Nowadays, consumers expect the highest levels of personalization from companies of all sizes. Let’s go through some advantages of these efforts.

Improved Open Rate

Email personalization begins with customized subject lines, which boost open rates by as much as 29%. We can use personalization tags to include a subscriber’s first name, last name, or full name in a subject line. Here are some examples of customized subject lines:

  • Oliver, thank you for being a loyal member. 
  • Special Delivery for Miss Miller
  • See you next time, Jessica Wilson! 

Customized subject lines allow us to grab our clients’ attention and pique their interest in what we have to say.

Higher Conversion Rates

Another important email personalization benefit is the ability to increase conversion rates. Studies show that customized emails lead to two times higher click-through rates (CTR) and are six times more effective in driving conversions. 

Through timely targeted emails, we can boost our conversion rates and revenues. 

Strengthen Brand Loyalty

Personalized emails also provide a long-term benefit to success: brand loyalty. We can develop a deeper connection with our clients through a well-planned content campaign.

It takes time to establish brand loyalty, but it’s worth the effort. Customers loyal to our brand typically make up 80% of our sales, and increasing retention by 5% increases our profits by as much as 95%. Additionally, loyal clients buy more of our products, leave positive reviews, and tell their family and friends about our brands. 

Examples of Personalized Brand Emails

We live in an age that values personalization, and it’s so much more than knowing our customers’ names. To maximize our efforts, we have to create valuable content for our clientele and stand out from hundreds of daily emails. Here are some examples of brands that used the technique like pros.


Sephora sometimes uses their subscribers’ names in the subject line — and the content! This high level of personalization makes the recipient feel like a VIP. Sephora also creates personalized offers for their loyalty program members. 


Netflix regularly sends out movie and series recommendations for its users based on algorithms. Through this technique, Netflix keeps its clients watching and paying for their subscriptions.

Stitch Fix

No matter the company size, birthday emails always yield astounding results — 481% higher conversion rates, 342% higher revenue, and 179% higher unique clicks. 

Personalized Email Tactics

Despite countless personalization benefits, only a shockingly low 5% of businesses use the technique extensively. Studies show that many companies are unsure how to implement personalization techniques. Let us help you out. Here are some email tactics we recommend for businesses of all sizes. 

Segment Potential Clients

Segmentation strategies can boost sales by 760%

The sales funnel has many variations, but it always comes down to four crucial parts: awareness, interest, decision, and action. Grouping clients by age, gender, location, and sales funnel journey allows us to interact with them better. 

Create Standouts

We can enhance our clients’ journeys with standouts — emails specifically designed for them. Send your clients birthday, anniversary, and distinct loyalty rewards emails to show them how much you value them. As mentioned in an earlier example, standout emails provide businesses with favorable returns. 

Match Emails with Landing Pages

We can maximize email campaigns only if our landing pages are up to scratch. Our landing pages should have the same look and tone as our emails, and they should be user-friendly and relevant to any client’s journey. 

Start Your Email Personalization Journey

We cannot stress enough how important email personalization is. Effective email tactics enable businesses to accomplish exponential growth. If you’re ready to start your email journey, give us a call

We’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve their business goals through groundbreaking email techniques. We’re here to help you reach new levels of success!