Top six Marketing Trends Right Now

Every year we see new and unexpected trends arise in the business world that change our marketing strategies. If businesses want to stay up to date, they have to adjust their current strategies to implement the latest trends to ensure they’re appealing to the right audience. Each year people are surprised by the latest trends and immediately want to know how they can incorporate them into their current marketing strategy. This year we’ve seen more surprising trends than ever before, with the latest and most significant trends making a difference in how marketing and advertising are done across the board for companies. As the months have gone on, we’ve seen the trends changing as the popularity of social media channels change and new technology emerges.

With TikTok gaining more popularity, more businesses are taking advantage of the social media plat form and using it to benefit their company. Although TikTok might be one of the most significant aspects affecting trends right now, it’s certainly not the only one.Below we share the top six marketing trends and how you can use them to your advantage to ensure that your content reaches customers in the best way possible.

These are the key digital marketing trends to be aware of in the next few months and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy if you want the best results for your company.


Short Videos

With TikTok on the rise and growing more rapidly in popularity as time goes on, they’ve started a trend where short videos do well on the internet. This trend has been followed by other social media platforms, such as Instagram launching Reels, where shorter clips are shown on the forum. The main reason that these short videos are so successful is that they’re easier to consume content and highlight the essential aspects of something in a quick-paced, short video. To stay up to date, consider how to use short videos to your advantage in marketing.


Pay Attention To Your Audience

As time has passed, especially with the lockdown, audiences have started to have less patience than they did in the past. They get frustrated at the lack of interaction from their favorite accounts and the constant ads that they see cluttering their pages instead of quality content. You must pay more attention to your customers than you have in the past and be mindful of how many ads they see when they scroll.Your audience is becoming more selective about what content they take in, and you want to ensure that you meet their expectations to stay on the list of who they follow.


Keep It Personal

One of the biggest trends is that customers want businesses to be more personal than ever before.They no longer want generic content aimed at a big audience and expected to succeed, but they want specific content geared towards them. Curating content generated for your audience on a personal level will get you better results than simply creating generic advertisements. Do research to fully understand your audience and what they’re looking for to ensure that you’re giving them content that directly appeals to them.


Use Storytelling

Storytelling is not anew trend for businesses, but it has become more popular this year, and more companies have started to use it. Customers no longer want to know what you offer and why they should use you; they want to know precise details about how you’ll live up to what you’ve promised and how you’ll prove that you have what they need. This means that you should try to shift your marketing to a new perspective of storytelling where you don’t just tell your client how you can help them, but you show them through stories and testimonials where you prove to them how you can help them.


Influencer Marketing

More than ever before, this year has become the year where creators are taking over with marketing, and we see influencers on the rise. The influencer economy has grown dramatically in the last couple of years, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Every social media platform you turn to, whether it be TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, it seems that influencers are there.


It’s been proven that fans will follow influencers on multiple social media platforms, providing more areas for creators and brands to get awareness. The good news is that you can use this trend to benefit by investing in your influencer marketing efforts and making video content production with your creators a priority. Take advantage of your relationships with influencers and your business to grow your company and see results by utilizing this trend.


Live streaming

It’s no surprise that customers now find videos engaging, perhaps even ranking as users' highest form of engagement. Live content was not that popular, but recently it’s sky rocketed in popularity. This rising marketing trend is an excellent way for companies to show their audience their personality and show off their products in real-time.By live streaming, you’ll make it so that viewers will relate to you and your content, but it’ll also ensure that they feel comfortable when they make a purchase.


Live streaming helps you build a bond with customers and make them feel they know the company behind the camera and that they’re making purchases from real people who care about them.You can do live shopping events on live streams, host Q and As, share behind the scenes and announce new products.