When to Conduct Mass Email Lists

In the online marketing realm, there's social media, and then there is direct mail. Unlike social media, which is much more of an "instant gratification" sort of marketing avenue because people see your content right away, direct mail takes some time to pay off.

But many don't realize that it's not a matter of time; it's a matter of quantity and quality. Knowing the right time to send emails and the correct tools and email marketing techniques makes a difference.

For the most part, it's better to have a large list and send a few emails at a time than to have a small email list and send countless emails. Find out why you should have a large list and the best time to conduct mass email lists in this article.

What Is the Importance of Email Traffic

Email traffic is crucial because it's your most valuable traffic source. Even if you're on a limited budget, you should always consider ways to increase your email traffic.

The reason why email traffic is so important is that it's not only the least expensive way to get traffic but also the most targeted.Email traffic is also the most responsive type of traffic because people who subscribe to your list have given you permission to send them emails.

Uses of Email Traffic

Email traffic is a vital component of any business's marketing strategy. You can use it for direct sales, to build your brand, or to generate leads. Email traffic uses are limited only by your creativity and imagination.

Here are some ways you can use email traffic:

1.   Generate Leads

The most obvious way of using email traffic is to generate leads. Most businesses will have an email conversion rate of around 5%, meaning they get 5% of their visitors to make a purchase or sign up for something. This is why all links on your website must lead directly to actionable pages, such as the opt-in form or sales page.

2.   Build Your Brand

Email traffic can also help build your brand by sending out regular newsletters that keep people up-to-date on your latest news and offers.The more consistent these messages are, the more likely people will trust youas an authority on a particular topic and follow your advice accordingly.


3.   Sell Products

If you have something for sale, you can use email traffic to sell it directly through an opt-in form. Alternatively, you can drive people towards a sales page with a call-to-action such as "Buy now!" or "Get free shipping!" These types of calls-to-action work particularly well when promoting physical products such as t-shirts or mugs. They also work very well with other forms of advertising, such as banner ads or social media posts.

Another good reason for using email marketing campaigns isthat they're relatively cheap. Email marketing is affordable compared withother forms, such as advertising on Facebook or Twitter ads which cost moneyupfront before generating any revenue from clicks (not all clicks lead tosales).

How to Increase Email Traffic and When to Send Email

Email is one of the essential parts of your marketing strategy and the ideal time to send an email is when people are most likely to read it.

According to research ,most people in the U.S open their emails on Tuesday more than any other day.The study further indicated that most people read their emails during morning hours. They start opening emails at 6 am, and the frequency continues to rise until it reaches a peak at 10 am. The second best time to send your email is1pm and 2 pm when people catch up on their emails after lunch.

Now that you know the right time to send your emails, you should know howsend them effectively. If you don't send emails appropriately, they won't domuch for your business. So below are the top ways to increase email traffic:

·      Use a Lead Management Strategy

The key to success with email marketing is segmentation. You want to ensure that each person receiving your emails gets content specifically targeted toward them. This means creating different lists based on demographics and interests so that you can send out emails that will appeal specifically to each individual.

Segmenting your list lets you track what works best when sending out messages. For example, if one list responds better than another when offered discounts on products, you know exactly which ones should be sent discounts next time. This helps you avoid wasting your time on those not interested in making a purchase right now.

·      Include Social Media Links in Your Email

You don't have to be a social media guru to get people to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Simply include a link at the bottom of your emails that leads people directly to your social media profiles.

This makes it easy for people who subscribe to your email list to find out more about you and get more involved in your business.

·      Make Your Emails Mobile Friendly

If people are opening their emails on their phones or tablets, then they need to be able to read them easily. This means ensuring they aren't too long or difficult to read on a small screen.

Use short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and large font sizes and colors that are easy on the eyes. You can also include images and videos if they fit within the context of your message or offer something helpful or interesting for users who click through.

But don't use too many images or videos unless necessary. Otherwise, it can become difficult for people to read everything else in their inboxes!

·      Create an Opt-in Form on Every Page of Your Site

Whether it's a sidebar or an embedded form within the content, having an opt-in box on every page will help build up your subscriber list. The more pages on your website have an opt-in box, the more subscribers you'll have over time.

·      SendOut Regular Newsletters That Contain Valuable Information About Your Niche

Don't just send out promotions whenever you want them to buy something! Instead, be informative without being too sales. People will appreciate receiving valuable tips and advice now and then, as long as itdoesn't feel like spam

·      AutomateEmail Campaigns with Marketing Software

Instead of manually sending emails from scratch, you can use automated tools like Orbitly. This service allows you to create at emplate sent out automatically whenever someone signs up for your list.

You only need to enter their information, select the frequency and send time, and Orbitly will handle the rest. You can customize each message by including links to your website and specific product offers.

What Is Orbitly and How Does It Work to Conduct Mass Email Lists

Orbitly is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create, manage and sendnewsletters, bulk emails, and personalized emails sent directly from youraccount. This means that the emails will come from you rather than Orbitly,which is vital for building credibility with your audience.

Orbitly Offers two core services

·     EmailMarketing

Customers can automate and send personalized emails to their leads or subscribers. They can do this with drip campaigns and automation rules triggered by certain events like purchases or signups.

·     ListBuilding

The platform provides customers access to high-quality email lists from verified sources worldwide. You can use these lists for any campaign, including targeting new users for your app or website or promoting products and services to existing customers.

How Does Orbitly Work?

Orbitly works by providing you with a database of contacts or an existing mailing list. You can then import this data into their system and create segments based on specific criteria such as location, gender, or purchasehistory.

Once you've created these segments, you can send out personalized messagesto each group at once or schedule them for future delivery so that they'redelivered at different times throughout the year.


When you send an email out to a mass list, the email must have quality content, an intelligent subject line, and personalized salutations. This will ensure that your message gets through to your contacts and is read by your subscribers promptly. If you have any questions about increasing your email traffic or other marketing techniques, please get in touch with us anytime!